Meet our new apprentice

Despite the pandemic and the devastating impact, it is having on many parts of the economy, we remain busy and have continued to sign up new clients.

Due to the number of new clients, we needed to expand our team to meet the needs of new and existing clients. The newest member of our team is Nathan Thorp who has recently joined us as an apprentice accountant.

It can be daunting starting your first job, it is even more daunting to do so during a pandemic, but this fact has not deterred Nathan Thorp from enjoying his first six weeks with us at Lovetts.

After a closure during the first lockdown, we are now back working in our office on rotation. To keep the office COVID-19 secure we ask that employees do not use public transport whenever possible. To combat this Nathan is cycling from Welwyn to Hatfield and working from home when required. A clear demonstration of his work ethic and commitment to his career.

The seed to following a career in accountancy has been with Nathan for a while. His father had suggested accountancy as a career to Nathan a few years ago and the idea stuck. Nathan had previously done work experience in an accountant's practice and enjoyed it which strengthened his resolve to become an accountant. After completing his A levels in Maths, Further Maths and Business Studies Nathan had little hesitation in favouring an apprenticeship route over going to university. Nathan commented:

“My aunt spotted an advert for a trainee accountant and I sent off my CV immediately. Shortly after an interview followed; I was offered the position which I was delighted to accept”.

Nathan enjoys working in a team and is unphased by being the youngest member, he has fitted in well and likes the tasks he is given. In January he will start college one day per fortnight as a key part of his journey towards qualification.

When asked why he chose an apprenticeship Nathan commented said:

“When you go to university you pay to learn, whereas with an apprenticeship, it's the other way round. At Lovetts, I am paid to learn”.

This careful approach to finance makes us think that he has got the perfect attributes to be an accountant…