The New Normal

This is our first update on how we are working through the Covid 19 crisis.

This is our first update on how we are working through the Covid 19 crisis. 

So, we are still all here. Albeit we are not, as we are now all working from home. For all of us this is a big adjustment, and for some it's more difficult than others. But we are all managing well and glad to be able to continue with our work.

It's almost impossible to remember what working life was like last month. We are settling into a new routine and way of working that keeps us and our clients safe while we continue to offer our usual services.

Initially, we wondered, like all businesses, whether we could survive but on Friday 20th March the government stepped in, at least as far as staff were concerned. Other announcements of support have followed, and we have assimilated how we can make the best use of the new resources available.

We are busy but the balance of work has shifted. Paul is helping many clients cope with the impact Covid19 is having on their business. For the duration, he has 'switched the clock off'. The nature of calls focuses on how to keep going until the Covid 19 crisis passes and life returns to some form of normality. The majority of calls are about:

  1. How to furlough staff, and how to do this for sole directors
  2. The support on offer for the self employed and how to access it
  3. Questions about banking facilities

You can find information about all the above on our website, if you need more information then please get in touch.

We have learnt that with flexibility and a positive approach we can operate the business whilst working from home. What we do miss is the chat, camaraderie, teasing (usually at each other's expense) and cake. We have set up a WhatsApp group to chat and catch up with each other. It's not for work related content it's just for fun and to make sure we're all coping. 

Please stay safe and look after yourself and your families.

Paul, Chris and Team.