22 Jan

What to avoid when completing your tax return

Like thousands of others, you may be completing your tax return over the weekend in a hurry ahead of the deadline on January 31. As you work on filing your return, make sure you avoid the most common errors, they could cost you money.

07 Jan

New Year Resolutions

New Year Resolutions should not be just about personal goals. At Lovetts we really think you should include a resolution to have a better understanding of your financial position for 2021.

07 Dec

Meet our new apprentice

Despite the pandemic and the devastating impact, it is having on many parts of the economy, we remain busy and have continued to sign up new clients.

26 Nov

How to choose an accountant for your small business?

Firstly, do you know what an accountant for you and your business?

07 Oct

Do you know how to keep fit financially?

We can mitigate our financial risk by keeping a close eye on our financial wellbeing in difficult times.

09 Jul

Summary of government financial support

Following the announcements yesterday (8 July 2020) by the Chancellor, here is a brief summary of the main points.

02 Jun

Planning the Return to the Workplace

This is a blog about what you need to do when you are ready to open your office. We have used this information to inform our approach and hope that it is useful for others.

01 Jun

Operating your business and Covid 19

We have now been living with the ‘new normal’ for quite some time. For some businesses it is now the time to start opening their business to staff and customers. In light of this our blog gives an overview into what issues you need to consider and some suggestions about how they should be addressed when you are ready to open your business premises.

07 May

Update on help available - Covid 19

Work for us has changed both in how we work and what we are being asked to do. It’s been challenging but in a positive manner and we have adapted accordingly.